Planning Your Corporate Retreat in Turks and Caicos

According to The Wall Street Journal, corporate retreats in exotic locations are on the rise again. With increased remote work, feelings of isolation after Covid, and other challenges, companies are trying to rekindle a sense of team unity. Additionally, many companies are struggling with losing high-quality employees to competitors. As a result, more organizations are offering ultimate, not-to-be-missed corporate retreats to build stronger teams and employee loyalty.

Why Have Exotic Retreats?

Offering remote work is a key way for companies to attract top talent, but there are times when teams need to get together. An exotic retreat ensures all team members prioritize being there, ensuring the retreat is a success. Employees are revved up, excited, and feel valued, which is sure to create the right synergy.
They are also a great way to celebrate successes, with an event that is truly a reward. Companies can stand out from their competitors to inspire employee loyalty.

Why Providenciales?

Turks and Caicos offers a wide range of cuisine, to cater to any taste. Visitors can enjoy more traditional fare featuring local greens and seafood, notably conch, which continues to take centre stage in many dishes, and is showcased in local delicacies like conch salad and fritters. Expect to find options with Caribbean and Bahamian flavours, highlighting seafood, lobster, jerk chicken, and tropical fruits. For those looking for international tastes, authentic cuisine from around the world, including Japanese, Italian, French, Indian, American, and others is available. Fusion cuisine, drawing from an array of local and international influences intertwines vibrant Caribbean flavours with international flair.

The Turks and Caicos islands are rich in restaurant options, with 74.6 establishments per 10,000 people; Providenciales, the largest island and the most popular stop for visitors, holds the spotlight for dining choices, though. Out of all of the available alternatives, some must-try options stand out, however.

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Planning Tips

  • Define clear objectives for your retreat, including celebrating successes, boosting morale, addressing a challenge, or other goals.
  • Give plenty of notice for employees to make arrangements so they are able to come.
  • Make arrangements for activities, dining, and accommodations well in advance. This ensures everyone can stay together and enjoy all the amazing experiences that Turks and Caicos offers. Planning eating arrangements keeps attendees together and enables corporate activities to run more smoothly.
  • Plan engaging team-building activities, but craft a versatile itinerary that strikes a balance between productive work sessions and leisure activities. This ensures a well-rounded experience for attendees.
  • Confirm travel arrangements and provide detailed itineraries to participants.


Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Course

The Royal Turks and Caicos Golf Course is a popular choice for a group activity. This world-class golf course features amazing natural beauty and a refreshing break from meetings and presentations.

Grace Bay Beach

Voted one of the world's best beaches, Grace Bay offers pristine white sands and turquoise waters. A day at this stunning beach is perfect as a team-building or downtime activity. Consider organizing beach games, water sports, or snorkelling from the shore to enhance team bonding in a relaxed environment.

Private Charters and Cruises

Additionally, consider arranging fishing charters, snorkelling excursions, sunset cruises, or other cruises. Private charters can accommodate as many as 200 people. These experiences create lasting memories and offer a chance for team members to relax and unwind together, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.

Group Dining

Often overlooked, carefully organizing eating arrangements is critical for retreats. A well-thought-out dining plan not only keeps employees together but also ensures that corporate activities run smoothly and on time. Conveniently located within the Kokomo Botanical Resort, the WE Market Cafe provides effortless and practical dining solutions.

The WE Market Cafe offers a delicious range of healthy and varied foods, catering to everyone's tastes and dietary needs. Breakfast, lunch, and supper menu offerings ensure your team is well fed.

Arranging meals is exceptionally easy. The Cafe takes group bookings so everyone can eat together, to celebrate achievements and foster a sense of camaraderie over a shared meal. Alternatively, the WE Market Cafe caters, so you can arrange to have the same delectable menu at the venue of your choosing.

Recognizing the need for flexibility, the WE Market Sprint offers a Grab'n Go menu for busier days when your team is on the move. Your team can enjoy delicious cafe items without compromising the schedule.

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Kokomo Botanical Resort: The Ideal Retreat Base

Great accommodations are essential for an exceptional retreat. To ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience, choosing the right accommodation is crucial. Kokomo Botanical Resort, situated in the heart of Providenciales, stands out as the ideal retreat base.

Kokomo specializes in hosting groups and special occasions, helping to ensure your corporate retreat is a success. Offering private cottages that can be booked as a group, Kokomo allows for easy coordination of attendees while providing privacy for downtime. Each cottage is equipped with modern amenities so team members can enjoy a comfortable and tranquil stay.

The resort's central location makes it convenient for exploring all that Providenciales has to offer. It is just minutes away from beaches, golfing, and other highlights. This makes it easier to coordinate activities. On-site car rentals and a group-friendly free shuttle to Grace Bay make group outings even simpler.

Boost Morale and Strengthen Teams

Kokomo Botanical Resort is more than just a place to stay; it's an immersive experience designed to boost company morale and create stronger teams. It’s the perfect setting for team-building activities, professional development, and relaxation. Invest in an unparalleled destination experience that earns you employee loyalty and dedication, and better-functioning teams. Book now to ensure availability for your planned times.

Title: Planning Your Corporate Retreat in Turks and Caicos
Meta: An exotic corporate retreat rewards valuable employees and brings them together as a team; Turks and Caicos provides an ideal destination. The right accommodations, activities, and meals make it unforgettable.

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