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Discover the ultimate dining destination on Providenciales, to satisfy your every craving with a diverse range of culinary experiences. The world-class chefs at Kokomo Botanical Resort craft masterpieces infused with international flair, nourishing both body and soul. Choose the dining experience you wish, and expect to be captivated and inspired.
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Kokomo Botanical Resort offers a diverse range of dining experiences to cater to every visitor's desires, all centered around the concept of premium, whole foods using superior ingredients, prepared with culinary excellence. The WE Market Cafe is the heart of the resort, blending zen-like tranquility with open-concept dining, featuring a menu that flawlessly combines Eastern and Western flavors. The Chef’s Table offers an exclusive, intimate culinary adventure with world-class chefs crafting limited edition dining courses. For those on the go, Grab'n Go options provide convenience without compromising on quality. Whether you're socializing in the WE Market Cafe, indulging in chef-crafted excellence for a special occasion, or needing a quick bite, Kokomo Botanical Resort ensures a delicious, nourishing experience.
The WE Market Cafe, nestled in the Kokomo oasis, invites you to nourish body and soul while immersing yourself in a tropical, zen-like atmosphere. Our innovative concept blends the tranquility of a zen cafe with the communal spirit of an open-concept eatery, creating a unique dining experience that resonates with both locals and visitors.

Our award-winning chefs curate a menu that transcends boundaries, fusing the best of East and West into tantalizing breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings. With a focus on whole foods and premium ingredients, every dish is a masterpiece combining flavour and nutrition. Perfect execution of hand-cut, aged prime AAA steak, market fresh seafood, and other whole foods create exciting meals worthy of one of the best restaurants on the islands.

At WE Market Cafe, great food is not just a meal; it's a chance to connect. Our community-minded space inspires strangers to become friends, true to the belief that food brings people together. It creates a family friendly environment, welcoming you to our place. For family dinners or catch-ups with friends, our friendly service will make you feel at home.

For those seeking convenience, enjoy our Grab'n Go selections, offering several tasty delights. Delicious food to savour while exploring the island, or in the comfort of your cottage, is at hand. Relax and eat in luxurious privacy or choose the laid-back ambiance of our cafe.
WE Market Cafe offers the perfect setting to enjoy restaurant-quality meals with a tropical twist. Come and join us for a unique dining experience that nourishes both body and soul. Discover a fusion of flavors, the warmth of community, and tranquility. Make memories, meet friends, and savour every bite.

No reservations required. Just come on home. WE are waiting for YOU.

Prepare for a unique, exhilarating culinary adventure like no other! True food connoisseurs can appreciate culinary artistry in a new way with this exclusive and intimate dining experience at Kokomo. Here, world-class chefs craft exquisite dishes using the freshest, premium ingredients flown in from around the world, creating limited edition dining courses that will tantalize and leave you craving more. Imagine - premium dining offerings, tailored to your requested wishes upon booking, expertly prepared by a master working in their element. This is dining for all of your senses.

With small group sizes and exclusive settings, every visit is an intimate celebration of dining excellence. For special occasions, the Chef’s Table is the perfect choice, offering a personalized menu and unmatched atmosphere. Let your culinary dreams come to life. With a maximum of only two seatings per night, reservations are a must.

Fresh. Innovative. Personal.

At The Chef’s Table, you're not just a guest; you're part of an intimate, immersive adventure, with an active role in the creative process. Picture yourself seated in the heart of the action -- the open concept kitchen -- engaging directly with acclaimed chefs as they craft delicious, custom-tailored tasting menus based on your desires. Expect personalized attention and a truly unique experience that even the best restaurants don't offer. Here, chefs are true artists, creating a limited edition tasting menu, using only the finest globally sourced ingredients, while you witness the creative process, behind the scenes.

Our innovative concept elevates the private dining experience to new heights. Unlike traditional private chef experiences, where chefs are confined by limited ingredients, unfamiliar and under-equipped kitchens, you can enjoy the private experience, but with unhampered culinary artistry. The chefs are at their creative best, unburdened by limitations, and ready to create exceptional dishes tailored especially for you. Engage with the chefs, learn their secrets, and savour unique delights. Celebrate special occasions or elevate an ordinary meal to the extraordinary, in our intimate setting. Look. Listen. Learn. Love.

Discover the convenience of catered food with the culinary excellence of a restaurant meal. Offering WE Cater, WE invite you to indulge in a world of unparalleled flavors and great service from the WE Market Cafe and The Chefs Table. Enjoy a range of exceptional flavors and impeccable service, comfortably catered in your accommodations, for a breezy, easy dining experience.

WE Cater offers tasty dishes to suit everyone in your group, so you can savour every moment, without the stress of cooking. Whether it's a special occasion or you’re just making the most of every moment on holiday, our gourmet catering makes every moment extraordinary. Tempt your taste buds with an inspired menu and dishes that use only the freshest and finest ingredients. From delectable tapas-style hors d'oeuvres to decadent entrees, each delicious dish is a gem. Enjoy, without lifting a finger.

For a truly exclusive experience, however, The Chef’s Table can transform your private island home or vacation villa into a world-class dining destination. Our world-renowned chefs will create an exceptional meal, served in the comfort of your island cottage refuge. Witness culinary magic unfold and interact with our chefs for a truly unforgettable experience.

WE craft extraordinary dining moments. Make your everyday or special occasion unforgettable with WE Cater, exclusively available with The Chef’s Table and WE Market Cafe. Whether you've had a busy day exploring Providenciales or you're hosting a special event, we're here to make your dining experience effortless AND exceptional. Let us take care of the culinary details. Sit back. Relax. Savour.

Convenient, Wholesome, Decadent, and Easy

Great Food, Any Time.

When you want nutritious, delicious food -- without any effort - our dining options are your solution. Catering to all your needs and cravings, day and night, we let you enjoy your time better, with our one-stop destination for breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, evening cocktails, and late-night desserts. Indulge in delicious cuisine, whenever your heart desires. Whether you're starting your day with a hearty breakfast, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or savouring a delectable late-night dessert, simply relish every moment of your vacation. WE Market Cafe welcomes you around the clock. No reservations are needed— just come and enjoy.
When you're exploring the island, WE Market Sprint offers an enticing array of Grab'n Go cafe items for easy meals on the go. Enjoy a delicious meal or snack, whenever you wish, wherever you find yourself.
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Decadent Desserts to Tempt

Indulgence in a Botanical Paradise

You'll be swept away by the decadence of our desserts at Kokomo Botanical Resort's WE Market Cafe. Discover the sweet symphony of flavours and textures that await. Dive into our moist, creamy Tres Leche Cake or our rich Tiramisu Pick Me Up. Our White Chocolate Fondue, featuring homemade white chocolate sauce and strawberry shooters is perfect for sharing during an intimate meal. Other favourites, including our delicious New York Style Cheesecake Trio or our delectable Molten Lava Chocolate Cake, are sure to tempt and delight.
Indulgence in a Botanical Paradise

Tropical Island Beverages

Relax with a Drink

Indulge in beverages to match your tropical island paradise environment. Our comprehensive range of the most delightful beverages will suit every guest and mood. Sip on handpicked wines from around the world, perfect for connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike. Dive into the refreshing world of tropical cocktails. Enjoy family-friendly delights like the non-alcoholic Kokomo Blue Lagoon or Kokomo Tropical Punch or refresh yourself with adult favorites like the Kokomo Jungle Bird and Kokomo Blue Margarita. If you need a detox or an energy boost, try our botanical blends and cold-pressed juices. Curated, specialty beer, coffee, and tea are also available. At Kokomo Botanical Resort, our beverages shine just as brightly as our award-winning cuisine. Whether you are enjoying a meal or sitting back to relax on our SkyDeck for a drink with friends, join us today for a taste of paradise!
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Indulge in premium dining at Kokomo Botanical Resort. Find out more about our dining options, or book your culinary adventure today. From WE Market Cafe's fusion delights to Chef’s Table's exclusivity, experience unforgettable moments in dining. Contact us today!
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