Hurricane Policy for Kokomo Botanical Resort

Kokomo Botanical Resort prioritizes the safety and satisfaction of our guests with a robust Hurricane Policy, effective June 1 to November 30, covering the peak of the hurricane season. This policy ensures that guests affected by hurricanes, as officially declared by the NOAA National Hurricane Center with a Watch or Warning for the Turks and Caicos Islands, are eligible for a 100% refund of their unused resort stay.
For guests whose travel plans are impacted by Tropical Storm warnings, Kokomo offers a generous alternative: a credit for a return stay equivalent to the original booking value, valid for one year, ensuring flexibility and value retention for our guests' future travel plans.
Understanding the unpredictability of hurricanes, Kokomo allows for pre-arrival cancellations without any penalties if the cancellation is due to hurricane warnings. Similarly, guests already at the resort who decide to depart early due to hurricane threats will be credited for the unused nights, with a full refund issued promptly.

In scenarios where guests miss flights or experience delayed arrivals due to hurricane conditions, Kokomo Botanical Resort extends the flexibility to either refund the affected days or, subject to availability, offer the option to extend the vacation to the originally planned duration, ensuring guests do not lose out on their anticipated holiday experience.

Furthermore, in the event of a government-issued mandatory evacuation order, guests will be refunded for any days they are unable to use the resort due to the evacuation. Those unable to depart due to airport closures will be offered a distressed rate if the hurricane makes landfall and disrupts resort services.
Should the resort suffer damage from a hurricane and become temporarily uninhabitable, guests booked during the repair period will receive a full refund for the affected days, demonstrating Kokomo's commitment to guest comfort and safety.

To activate the Hurricane Guarantee, confirmed guests wishing to cancel must directly contact their travel professional who facilitated their booking, referencing Kokomo Botanical Resort's Hurricane Policy. This ensures a smooth and efficient cancellation process, upholding Kokomo's no-hassle approach to guest service during hurricane season.

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