WE Market Cafe

WE Grill + Wok | Winebar is an Asian Steak and Seafood House that offers a fusion of Western and East Asian cuisines, farm to table, with the finest seafood, steaks, wines and more.
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Culinary Art; Delectably Crafted

Farm to Table, For Fresh and Elegant Epicurean Cuisine

WE Grill + Wok | Winebar creates exquisite dishes, going beyond the ordinary to present you with culinary art that is delectably crafted. Using only the finest ingredients from around the world and the freshest whole foods, our Resident Chefs create enticing dishes to please every palate. The best of both land and sea is on offer, expertly prepared and plated. Meats are aged to perfection, right on the premises, while whole-grain breads, using ancient grains, are baked in-house. The elegant botanical gardens surrounding the restaurant provide the organic fruits, served fresh, right from the tree.
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Our curators search the world for the finest dishes to offer, with something for everyone.

Enjoy the delights of the freshest seafood that has never been frozen. Pan seared seafoods, including troll-caught Wild King Salmon, create dishes that are far beyond ordinary. Vegetarian dishes are available that also capture the imagination. Savour our premium meats, dry cured in the WE Cantina, or one of our specialty steak main courses, always aged and prepared to perfection.

Specialists in Steak and Beef

Delight Your Senses with Wine and Steak

WE Grill + Wok is an acclaimed leader in offering premium cuts of beef and grilling them to perfection. Only premium, all-natural, grass-fed, bone-in steaks imported directly from the world renowned St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada are used, dry-aged for over 40 days to create the most succulent cuts. These delectable cuts of meat are on display until they are finished to perfection on a kiln-dried oak firewood Argentine grill.

Connect With Friends and Family Over Wine or a Cocktail

WE Grill + Wok | Winebar offers a wide variety of cocktails, including rum-based tropical favourites, local Turks Head beers, and wines for every palate and occasion. Begin your culinary adventure with a pre-dinner Kokomo mojito, with fresh-picked mint from our organic botanical gardens, or try one of the other island favourites. Enjoy one of the fine wines from the wine menu, featuring reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling wines to accompany every meal.
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It’s Where WE Meet and Greet

This private island dining oasis is situated within the heart of the Kokomo Botanical Resort, for a taste of secluded luxury. WE Grill + Wok | Winebar offers an upscale dining experience, by reservation only, for intimate groups or larger gatherings. The multi-level, indoor/outdoor dining venue brings people together over the finest of dining.

WE is a gastronomic intersection where West Meets East in the Kitchen + Bar, designed to stimulate your senses and nourish your mind + body.

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Unequalled Ambiance on the Sky Deck

To top off your island dining experience, enjoy your culinary delights on our Sky Deck, while overlooking the exquisite, peaceful scenery of the Caicos Bank. Enjoying fine cuisine with the ambiance of this unparalleled setting is not to be missed.
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WE Grill + Wok | Winebar Public and Private Reservations

Private Brunch and Dinner dining is open to the public every day except Monday. Private group functions and wedding bookings are available for up to 80 guests upon request. Dining is by reservation only; book directly with WE Grill + Wok | Winebar.
Smart Casual Dress Code in Effect for Brunch and Dinner. No Beach Attire Permitted.
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