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Nourish your body with fresh foods curated by our worldly chefs, prepared right in front of you. Enjoy high quality, delicious, casual dining.

Nourishment for Body and Soul

Nourishing, Wholesome Casual Dining, with a Fusion Twist and a Breezy, Tropical Vibe

Nestled in the heart of the Kokomo Botanical Resort & Spa, the WE Market Cafe is a rare gem for casual dining. It is an innovative, novel concept in eating. It features the atmosphere of a Zen cafe that captures the luxury, peaceful vibes of the Kokomo Botanical Resort, combined with the convenience and community feeling of an open concept eatery. Nourishing, whole foods are freshly prepared while you watch on. Enjoy delicious foods at a great price, curated and prepared by our award-winning chefs. The menu is fun and fresh, with breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items that are tantalizing, perfectly fusing West and East styles.
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Feel good about enjoying WE Market Cafe foods, and have fun with tropical island-inspired offerings. With a wide variety of healthy, fresh options, artfully prepared by our worldly chefs for fun and delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. With a West-East Fusion flair, menu items are carefully curated and created to nourish as well as delight. Detox meets retox, with our wholesome, whole foods cafe concept. WE Market Cafe uses only premium ingredients, fresh whole foods, and prime meats, fish, cheeses, and other specialty items, as we know that the best meals begin with the best ingredients.


Choose nourishment for your body and soul. We combine zen peacefulness with a community core, for customers to meet as strangers but leave as friends, for a soul-lifting experience. Good food always brings people together, and the WE Market features the best in food.

Relax More on Your Vacation

Enjoying Holiday Time Too Much To Cook?

With an exquisite selection of Grab’n Go café items, perfect for beach picnics, WE help you make the most of your precious time. Our WE Market Sprint options include delectable offerings like Artesian Handmade Italian Salume, Upper Cut Steaks, and Decadent Desserts to purchase and take home to enjoy in the peace of your private cottage or home.

Enjoy Community and Company: Meet as Strangers, Leave as Friends

Food, friends, family and fun make the best combination. Our motto is to provide the best food, since good food brings people together. WE Market Cafe is proud to offer a unique community experience, offering the highest quality menu items at affordable prices, in an environment that brings resort guests, visitors from around the world, and locals alike, all together in one place, to meet as strangers but leave as friends. The WE Market Cafe is perfect for anyone who values fresh, high-quality ingredients while enjoying a meal in a private and relaxed atmosphere. We are there for those who want the quality of fine dining but in a quiet, casual, laid-back manner.

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Enjoy Fine Foods in Luxurious Privacy or a Laid-Back Setting

The WE Market Cafe is perfect for those looking for nourishing and delicious foods, with fresh, high-quality ingredients, for restaurant-quality menu items, but while being able to relax and enjoy their meal in private or a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Offering fine foods and nourishing options, for a detox meet retox concept. Enjoy meals to compete with top-quality restaurant dishes, but with a private or laid-back setting.

No reservations are required. Just come. We are waiting for you.

Delectable, Festive Island Drinks, Too

Ready to spice up your vacation with some festive island drinks and cocktails? Or craving a classic favourite? The WE Market Cafe offers a variety of beverages, including specialty coffees, teas, juices, beers, wines, as well as fun island cocktails like our very own Kokomojito!
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We’re open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8am. WE Market Cafe is closed Mondays.

No reservations are required. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

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