Savour the Flavour: Dining and Cuisine in Turks and Caicos

It may surprise those who are unfamiliar with Turks and Caicos that these islands have an incredibly vibrant culinary scene that is ideal for food enthusiasts. From beachfront shacks to upscale dining establishments, the islands offer an exceptional range of tastes and styles to suit all palates.

History of Turks and Caicos Cuisine

Pre-tourism, local dishes featured simple ingredients like queen conch, fish, and lobster, often paired with spicy rice and local greens. Later, Caribbean, Bahamian, and Jamaican influences added a different zest, shaping iconic dishes such as conch fritters.

Options for Every Palate

burgers and beers

Turks and Caicos offers a wide range of cuisine, to cater to any taste. Visitors can enjoy more traditional fare featuring local greens and seafood, notably conch, which continues to take centre stage in many dishes, and is showcased in local delicacies like conch salad and fritters. Expect to find options with Caribbean and Bahamian flavours, highlighting seafood, lobster, jerk chicken, and tropical fruits. For those looking for international tastes, authentic cuisine from around the world, including Japanese, Italian, French, Indian, American, and others is available. Fusion cuisine, drawing from an array of local and international influences intertwines vibrant Caribbean flavours with international flair.

The Turks and Caicos islands are rich in restaurant options, with 74.6 establishments per 10,000 people; Providenciales, the largest island and the most popular stop for visitors, holds the spotlight for dining choices, though. Out of all of the available alternatives, some must-try options stand out, however.

Dining Styles

Whatever your dining preferences, Turks and Caicos has what you are looking for.

Beachfront Casual

Beachfront shacks and food trucks offer fun and casual dining, featuring a delectable array of local delights. These charming stalls offer a taste of island life, serving up freshly-caught seafood, grilled specialties, and tropical fruit treats. From conch fritters to jerk chicken, you can savour local flavours right on the beach.

Another culinary option on Providenciales, for the ultimate in convenience while you’re at the beach or busy exploring the island, is the Grab’n Go café. Centrally located in Providenciales, the Grab n’ Go cafe is an ideal choice for island explorers. The WE Market Sprint offers a tempting array of savoury meals and indulgent desserts to take with you on your adventures, to dine on the go, wherever you are.

Healthy Eating

Increasing numbers of travellers prioritize healthy eating while on holiday; fortunately, you can have both delicious and healthy food options on the islands. Health-conscious food options are available, with local, fresh whole foods. Fresh, grilled fish choices and salad bars cater to those looking for these healthier options. A revival in local farming ensures plenty of fresh produce, enabling farm-to-table experiences.

The WE Market Cafe, in the Kokomo Botanical Resort, features an extensive menu that includes tropical island-inspired delights, all crafted by world-class chefs, and offers a range of healthy, fresh whole-food options for scrumptious and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, or dinners. Premium ingredients are used, prepared right in front of you. The cafe boasts a unique West-East Fusion flair and embraces a detox meets retox philosophy.

Cafes and Casual Dining

On the islands, charming cafes provide a relaxed dining setting, for comfort and tasty treats. Cafes that offer a vacation atmosphere and beautiful settings and views tend to be very popular.

A unique oasis blending zen vibes and community warmth, the WE Market Cafe boasts an innovative casual dining experience, with award-winning chefs, nestled in a beautiful tropical garden setting. WE Market Cafe offers high-quality, East-West fusion cuisine, delivering premium restaurant fare, in a relaxed setting with affordable prices. Recognized for its aged prime AAA steak and market fresh seafood and known as one of the best restaurants on the islands, the flavours here speak for themselves.

sausages bacons and toasted bread

Fine Dining

In Providenciales, a fine dining scene offers a medley of global influences merging with local flair. Beachfront venues and more intimate hideaways provide upscale culinary choices. A range of cuisines are available.

For a truly unique experience and world-class fare, however, The Chef’s Table at Kokomo Botanical Resort offers upscale dining with a twist. This distinctive dining venture features world-class chefs and personalized menus. A fusion of international influences emphasizes premium whole foods sourced globally. These limited-edition tasting menus are meticulously crafted in an open-concept kitchen. The intimate setting, with only two seatings per night, allows guests to engage directly with chefs and be active participants in the creative process. The personalized and unhurried atmosphere enables a one-of-a-kind and immersive dining adventure.

Staying-In Options

In popular tourist areas, some restaurants will offer delivery options for those who want to relax after a busy day.

For those who want the convenience of eating in their vacation home, but who still want fresh, restaurant-grade meals, WE Cater obliges. You can indulge in the premium flavours you expect from the WE Market Cafe and The Chef’s Table, delivered to your doorstep for effortless dining. You can even bring The Chef’s Table experience to your door. The renowned chefs will be your personal chef for a night, crafting exceptional, tailored dishes in your kitchen.

Reservations are recommended for The Chef’s Table. To book your spot, or for more information about the dining options at Kokomo Botanical Resort, contact us. A culinary adventure awaits!

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