Classic King and Twin Cottages

10 Reasons to Stay at Classic King and Twin Cottages in Providenciales

There's no doubt that beautiful Providenciales in Turks and Caicos is an island paradise, and the stuff dreams are made of. This welcoming paradise has so much to offer travellers! It’s worth staying at an island oasis that reflects the spirit of the island.

Experience Providenciales

Exquisite Providenciales offers beautiful white sand beaches, sparkling azure waters, world-class snorkeling, breathtaking views, and more.

From active vacations with snorkelling, paddle boarding, golfing, and hiking, to family vacations with lots of time at shallow, child-friendly beaches, or romantic getaways with unforgettable night cruises to see the bioluminescent, glowing waters along the Caicos Bank, Providenciales has something for everyone. To make the most of it, though, it's worth choosing the perfect base to stay at.

Exquisite Providenciales offers beautiful white sand beaches

Experience Providenciales Right, From the Perfect Location

Kokomo Botanical Resort’s Classic King and Twin Bed Cottages, for Unique Travel Experiences

Part of travel is the escape experience.

When you're travelling, starting from the perfect base makes such a difference to your trip. Many people think that if you plan to be busy sightseeing and trying all of the activities, that where they stay just needs to be a bedroom for the night, but then find themselves disappointed.

The truth is that where you stay is a part of your holiday experience, and affects how much you fully enjoy your destination. If your entire family is cramped in a tiny hotel room on a floor with hundreds of other people, and are kept awake by hearing other people shouting, laughing, moving around all night or early in the morning, you'll have a very different experience than if you had chosen a private, separate cottage where you can hear the sounds of the wind blowing through local fruit trees and birds singing. You can fully enjoy the peace and natural charm of the island so much more, even when you are just winding down from a busy day, or getting ready to start one.

Private cottages that let you escape fully can make the difference between a fun vacation and the trip of a lifetime.

Staying in a private cottage adds to the luxury paradise experience. Kokomo Botanical Resort offers the perfect, secluded retreats to provide luxury and tranquility, so you can rest body and mind, and experience the island more fully.

Private Cottage Getaways

Choosing a classic cottage where you can enjoy your own space, to get away from the crush of people, helps you recharge. You see a different side of the island, one that many tourists who spend their time packed in like sardines on excursions or at their busy hotel or inn.

Don't miss out on a chance to see this different side. The privacy of a separate cottage in a gated community, especially with the comfort of a full king bed, plus twin beds in a separate room for the rest of the family, so everyone can sleep properly, can't be beaten.

Secluded cottages, with separate bedrooms and covered porches to let you privately enjoy a resort garden view gives the tranquil environment that vacation memories are made of. Each cottage is landscaped for complete privacy and tranquillity.

Private Cottage Getaways

Separate Cottages, Not Suites

A cramped bedroom in a busy hotel or inn means less quality sleep, for more irritable family members, and everyone packed in close quarters, for more family squabbles. Instead, for a vacation of a lifetime, give your family the space it needs.

A standalone cottage, that offers two separate bedrooms, will give you the peace and quiet you need for a good night's sleep. A separate living room and pull-out sofa bed gives you even more room when you need to relax after being out all day.

For families who need a sensory-friendly environment, introverts who need a bit of downtime, or anyone looking for a more zen or recuperative experience, secluded cottages provide just what you need. You can make and have a quiet meal, sit on the porch and enjoy the garden view, and get quality rest when you need it so you can fully appreciate the sights of Providenciales again.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Do you have dietary restrictions for health or allergies? Or do you prefer to have more control over your food or even enjoy cooking? Cottages with a full kitchen, efficient appliances, and all the kitchen necessities you need allow you to do just that. Air conditioning in cottages means you don't get unpleasantly overheated while cooking, which is essential!

A fully-equipped kitchen lets you take care of any dietary needs for meals. Even if you prefer to go out to a restaurant for special evening meals, many people enjoy having a full kitchen to make easy, quick snacks or a quick breakfast on the go.

A separate dining area allows you to enjoy these meals properly, with the comfort and space of a home.

Cottages for the Entire Family

Travelling with younger children? Have your whole immediate family together, not in separate rooms, but be able to enjoy quiet time in the evening, with the kids conveniently put down in a separate bedroom, so adults can chat and continue to enjoy the evening after kids go to sleep.

Morning Coffee on Your Private Porch

What could be better than your own personal garden view while you sip your morning coffee? With a kitchen coffee maker, you can have a private moment watching the sunrise. Perhaps enjoy a light breakfast with the morning views.

Get ready for the day - the right way! Enjoy amazing views of nature in peace and tranquility. It's just how every morning should start.

Book Multiple Families and Groups Together

Many modern travellers enjoy expanding the vacation experience to share it with friends and families.

For these larger group getaways, where you are going to need multiple accommodations, choosing a destination that allows you to book to keep everyone together is an obvious choice. It lets you make the most of your group time. It's easier for everyone to congregate, mix and mingle, and get organized for days out.

Walking Trails Right Outside Your Front Door

Walking Trails Right Outside Your Front Door

For travellers that truly appreciate local natural beauty, being able to go straight from your little secluded oasis to trails that allow you to take in all of the stunning scenery offers an attraction that is off the beaten path. You can enjoy this natural luxury easily, knowing it is an experience that many Providenciales tourists won't have.

Location by the Ocean, but Away from the Masses

Accommodations that are perfectly positioned to let you take advantage of all of the delights that Providenciales has to offer means you can make the most of it. A centralized area lets you conveniently try different sea-side beaches and other island attractions, but retreat to seclusion to relax in quietness.

Restaurant With a Second Floor Deck

While your cottage kitchen lets you prepare dinner when you wish, a nearby restaurant, with an outdoor dining area and garden view offers a break from cooking, and an escape from the ordinary with culinary delights in an exquisite environment.

Modern Luxury Island

Choose an accommodation that lets you relax in luxury, with more personal space, which is furnished in a sustainable and premium way. From plush towels and a superior shower in the bathroom, to luxe furniture in the bathroom, and modern kitchen amenities, these details can make all the difference in your stay.

More Flexibility to Do Your Own Thing

With the security of a gated community, and the advantages of individual cottages fully landscaped for privacy, kids can play outside while parents relax, or one family member takes advantage of walkable amenities.

Ready for an Island Getaway With a Difference?

Contact Kokomo Botanical Resort for availability of cottages with a king size bed or two queen beds plus two twin beds, or to book multiple accommodations. A two-night minimum stay is required.

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