Wedding season is quickly approaching. If you're getting married this year, you've probably started looking at different honeymoons that can help you relax, unwind, and maybe escape the winter blues.

Many honeymoon spots are known for their picturesque beaches, gorgeous sunsets, luxury resorts, adventurous outings, and spa activities. Here is your guide to honeymoon destinations couples might consider when planning their romantic vacation.

Romantic Ideas For Your Upcoming Honeymoon

Whether you want to relax by the beach, experience fine dining, explore national parks, or check off some bucket list activities, there are perfect honeymoon packages for you and your partner. Take a look at the romantic trip destinations and see which one is right for you!

Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations In The World

To get started on your honeymoon planning, you might consider looking for a popular honeymoon destination on your own or with the help of a travel agent.

Each of these romantic honeymoon destinations will bring you a completely different experience. You have destinations on the west coast and east coast, on different continents, and in different climates. You'll be able to find luxe resorts, a luxury hotel, hiking trails, and different attractions at all of these destinations, and if you consider going in the off-season you may have more privacy.

Not Too Far From Home

You might also consider staying in The United States or Canada. The US has many popular destinations like Las Vegas, California, Florida, and Hawaii. You can explore the Pacific Coast Highway, enjoy tourist attractions, and lounge by the beach!

For Canada, you might consider travelling to Alberta for Lake Louise or head towards the Maritimes and Atlantic Ocean. While these places may not necessarily have a private butler or gourmet dining, you can find hotels that have floor-to-ceiling windows which will make enjoying the natural scenery that much better.

Destinations such as Portugal, Thailand, Bali, and Mexico are becoming increasingly popular, and are rich in culture that you can experience with your partner, treasuring the memories for many years to come.

Best Honeymoon Activities

If you're someone who doesn't want to sit around for a few days, you'll probably look for honeymoon trips that offer a variety of activities. Some popular activities include a hot air balloon ride, sunset cruise, golf courses, whale watching, horseback riding, or a day trip to explore sites off the beaten path.

Here are a few examples of places that offer adventures that you and your partner can go on:

  • The Galapagos Islands - boating, kayaking, scuba diving, and biking
  • Mexico - hiking, snorkeling, cycling, and swimming
  • Morocco - hiking, mule riding, camel rides, and hot air balloon rides
  • Australia - snorkelling in The Great Barrier Reef, surfing, hiking, and airplane tours

National Park Destinations

Hoping to check out a national park on your romantic getaway? There are many different parks across the world that are the perfect place to have your honeymoon. Whether you're hoping to be by the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean, looking for a boutique hotel or a luxury resort, hoping for private plunge pools or an infinity pool, or trying to catch natural sites like the northern lights or volcanos, there's something for everyone.

Here are a few destinations you might consider:

  • Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Acadia National Park
  • Banff National Park

Beautiful and Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

If your ideal honeymoon includes relaxing by deserted white sand beaches or basking in the natural beauty of a black sand beach, there are many different destinations for you!

Bora Bora is one of the best honeymoon destinations and is the perfect place to find white sand beaches. Whether you're hoping for a private beach or are fine sharing a white sand beach with other visitors, Bora Bora has both!

Fiji is also known for its public and private beaches that will leave you breathless. While it's not the easiest destination to reach, the sandy beaches will remind you why you chose the destination in the first place.

For black sand beaches, you might consider travelling to Vieques, Puerto Rico. Off the Caribbean Sea, you'll be blown away by the beautiful beaches, particularly the black sand coasts.

Other popular beach destinations include Harbour Island, Cape Town, Maui, and Turks & Caicos.

Kokomo Botanical Resort

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