Lifestyle Investments at Kokomo Botanical Resort in Turks & Caicos

For those looking at different ways of investing, the popular trend of lifestyle investing has many appeals. Kokomo Botanical Resort offers a unique opportunity for those interested in lifestyle investments.

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Lifestyle Investing

These investments prioritize enhancing quality of lifestyle, rather than a fixed return on investment focus, or a focus on buying things. It is a changing perspective, common with younger investors, but becoming more widespread as more people consider what is truly important.

Invest in your free time, and make the most of your family time. Instead of buying things, invest in shared experiences and adventure, to bring you and your loved ones closer. Lifestyle investing is about making sure to place importance on the things that matter, investing in experiences, not things.

By purchasing a vacation cottage at Kokomo Botanical Resort, you can not only set aside a future of quality family time, as part of prioritizing your quality of life, but you can also use this investment towards creating an avenue for cash flow.

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Lifetime Returns

Cash Flow

The Kokomo Botanical Resort Rental Program makes your lifestyle investment an affordable option that will offer you and your family a lifetime of returns on your investment.

If your goals are to increase quality time with the family and share more experiences, as well as have some extra income flow, a property at Kokomo Botanical Resort is your solution.

We offer hassle-free ownership and property management. When you are not using your property, it automatically goes into the resort rental pool. Starting at $445,000 USD, prices includes resort furniture, fixtures, and equipment package.

Investing in Priorities

If you are choosing to invest in stronger relationships, quality time, and a better life, become one of the increasing numbers of investors around the world who are choosing to buy into vacation properties. Who doesn’t want to get away from it all?

The benefits of establishing the value of recreation time, by making a financial commitment to it, include decreasing stress, improved health and a future of adventure and excitement in your life. Choose to balance work with recreation better; having a tropical island cottage will encourage you to prioritize special moments with family, and focus on what's important.

If you are also one of the increasing numbers around the world moving to a fully remote job, you can still work at your Kokomo Botanical Resort, with free wifi, but have the benefits of a tropical change of scenery. Blink and become immersed in a tropical reality.

Enable yourself to do what you love, and have a tropical island dream cottage to escape to, as often as you are able.


Financial Planning for a Lifestyle Investment

It may be easier to afford your second home in Turks and Caicos than you may have thought. Assessing your disposable income and available money, and, when you compare costs to what you may spend on less-exciting vacations that don’t provide the level of escapism you dream of, a vacation property can be a cost-effective way of providing your family with regular holidays.

The value you will obtain from having a vacation property and prioritizing a fulfilling lifestyle is priceless. The costs of your own freehold titled vacation property are offset by not needing to pay for hotels and by the Resort Rental program.

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Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one variety of investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by portioning your investment portfolio's assets according to your goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. Lifestyle investments can be an effective part of this.

Purchasing a property and taking advantage of our exclusive Resort Rentals program provides an investment opportunity, without worrying about property management concerns, and having a vacation home ready for you whenever you want, all at the same time.

Second Home in the Caribbean

Our luxury cottages are perfect for couples who travel regularly with friends, young families looking for family friendly locations, older couples who want to continue to create memories and build relationships with adult children, and older couples after retirement who have extra freedom from time constraints. They are also perfect for those who have a fully-remote workplace setup, who want to make the most of non-work times.

Classic cottages feature vaulted ceilings, an open entertainment setting, full kitchen, dining area, private bathroom, and a variety of bedroom options to meet your needs. Ultra Lux cottages feature vaulted ceilings and upgraded appliances and furnishings, for a higher luxury experience. These also have a variety of bedroom options for your family needs, as well as a private bathroom, full kitchen, and dining and living area.

Wealth of a Different Kind

Make a lifestyle investment and start creating memories the whole family will cherish for the rest of their lives. The benefits of the shared experiences, improved wellness, and strengthened family bonds are immeasurable. Enjoy the benefits of vacation home ownership, without the stresses of worrying about property management, knowing Kokomo Botanical Resort will take care of your cottage whenever you are away.



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