Best Staycation Ideas

Sometimes, a vacation abroad is not always possible. However, vacation time is important, to rest and relax, and bring the family together.

A best staycation ideas is more than just hanging out at home, doing household chores and projects, and checking in to work every now and then. It needs to be a proper holiday. If you make a point of intentionally turning it into a dedicated time of relaxation and recreation, it can be as fun and memorable as a trip away.

Dedicate The Time To Holidaying

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A staycation should feel like a real holiday. Set the dates for your vacation, and stick to them as your time off. A few guidelines can help make sure this time stays special and doesn't fall into the trap of using the time to get jobs done.

Tips To Keep It As Holiday Time

Avoid too much time on phones and devices; it may be hard to completely get away from these, but the more you do, the more it will feel like a real vacation. The same goes for computers and video games; these are things the kids can do any time, so don't make for special time. Resist the urge to check email, especially work email.

In fact, make a commitment to not work at all. These days, it is harder to take a break from work, with work-from-home tools, but it is important to fully step away and take time for yourself. Avoid trying to fit in a home project or chores, too. To avoid having to cook, a little meal prep ahead of time can help. If you can't trust yourself not to do some chores or home projects, go to a local hotel. A hotel stay will make it feel more detached from everyday life.

Focus on family time, and plan activities for everyone, from younger kids to parents. Planning also helps get the most out of your staycation. With a little imagination and preparation, it can become one of your favourite holidays ever.

Fun Staycation Ideas

Holiday In Your Own Backyard

There are a few great staycation ideas where you don't even need to leave your own home. If you are looking for an extra-laidback holiday, there are lots of fun things to do.

Take movie night to the next level, and hold your own film festival, with everyone getting the chance to pick a movie for everyone to watch. Alternatively, take the opportunity to play board games; they are great for reconnecting, and many families don't get the time to do this regularly.

Set up camp in your backyard, for a mini-taste of the outdoors. Sleeping in a tent and sleeping bags, and cooking on a fire, if you have a firepit, or a grill will take you away from ordinary life.

Free time is precious, and this is a great opportunity to work on a fun family project - home renos don't count! You have time to work on a larger, more complicated craft or project, such as building a working model boat, and actually finish it. Find some creative ideas for projects the whole family will enjoy building and using together. Building a tree house together is one idea that is popular with the kids.

Holiday In Your Own Backyard

Romantic Staycation Ideas

There are some great romantic staycation ideas that any couples will love. For a romantic getaway, stay in a luxury hotel nearby, or in a nearby city, and order room service. A couple's spa day at the local lovina spa will ease all of your stresses and make your staycation feel like a true getaway.

If you prefer to stay at home, set out candles and flowers to set the right ambiance. Get luxury toiletries and bath items, for scented baths and an at-home spa day. Snuggle in front of the fireplace in the evening, with an extra fluffy blanket, or if it is warm enough, you can do this in the backyard.

You can tour a local brewery or winery, and have a picnic in a local park afterwards. Try out one of the new local restaurants for dinner.

A weekend or day class to learn a new hobby or skill gives you something to do together in the years to come. Classes on crafts, cooking, woodworking, or gardening are some great ideas.

Active Staycation Ideas

Active Staycation Ideas

The list of activities that you can do is incredible. Most cities have a lot to offer, once you start looking.

Enjoy the great outdoors, and go for a bike ride or go hiking. Rent a paddleboard or canoe, and explore the local lake or river. Try geocaching, where you use GPS to search for hidden 'treasure'; there are caches all over the world. Don't forget to check out a National Park close to you, and enjoy its exceptional natural beauty. National parks are great locations for hiking and may offer other activities, as well.

Laser tag or paintball is another fun activity, or if that seems a little intense, go bowling instead, or try an escape room. Let out your inner kid, and go to a trampoline park.

Sightsee In Your Own City

Chances are, there are several local attractions that you never got around to seeing.

Get a guidebook for your own town, see what you have been missing out on, and see how much of it you can explore in your time off. Your local library will probably have one you can borrow, and while you are there, check to see what fun, free activities they offer there, as well. Your city may offer some novelty experiences, like dinner theatres, dinner cruises on boats or trains, or other unique adventures. Be sure to check into these and take advantage of them.

If you time it right, there may be some festivals, concerts, or fairs. There may even be a sporting event that you can watch.

You can also see what is playing at a local theater, so you can check out a play or musical, or go to your local museum, aquarium, or zoo. Another fun way to spend a day is at an amusement park or local pool or waterpark.

Sightsee In Your Own City

When You Are Able To Get Away

One of the main reasons people have a staycation is because they are waiting to organize an extra special vacation, either as a couple, with their immediate or extended family, or with a few friends. Some choose to have a staycation to save precious vacation days, and then be able to go away for longer on a special trip, like a girls' getaway or family reunion.

If you are holidaying at home to save up for a trip down the road, or aren’t quite sure where to go when you do eventually take that special vacation, Turks and Caicos is the perfect tropical island paradise, with white sand beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, lush tropical foliage, and infinite holiday excursions and activities. Kokomo Botanical Resort is centrally located for you to be able to conveniently see all the beautiful scenery and do everything.

Kokomo Botanical Resort is a luxury destination in itself while allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful island. Experience an opulent island lifestyle; Kokomo truly can take you away from it all.

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